Fiduciary & Administrative Oversight
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Fiduciary & Administrative Oversight

Every plan sponsor needs to understand the fiduciary responsibility associated with offering a retirement plan. It is important for you to work with experts who can help you navigate the complexities of that responsibility. Our processes and procedures are geared towards helping you maintain prudent compliance and administrative standards. Consider us an extension of your Human Resource Department, helping to ensure your organization is administering the plan with a high level of prudence. Your Human Resource Department can count on us to provide on-going support, resources and information.

Key deliverables include:

  • Custom Investment Policy Statement
  • Committee Charter/Board Resolutions
  • ERISA 404(a) & 404 (c) Compliance Guidance
  • Meeting Minutes/Documented Actions/Agendas
  • Build An Internal Fiduciary File
  • DOL/IRS Audit Preparedness
  • Plan Notice Checklist
  • Human Resource Best Practices

Financial Planning

Our goal is to create an inspiring financial strategy for you—one that gets you excited about your future. To accomplish this, our personalized Values-Based Financial Planning® services take a holistic wealth advisory approach. These services are based on the premise.
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Investment Management

At Zephyr Investment Management, we believe that a focus on managing downside risks is essential to your long-term financial security. We believe the upside will take care of itself and the real value of investment management is generated by limiting the downside.
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Retirement Services

We see financial planning and investment planning as the key components to a secure retirement. Building on our work in these areas, we work with you to define a solid vision of what your retirement looks like to you. While this vision may evolve over time.
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Zephyr’s Blog

Interest rates are important to investors and they are currently at or near all-time lows. At this past June’s Federal Reserve meeting, interest rates were kept at a range of 0%-0.25% and it was indicated that they will remain n...